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FAQ / Terms & Conditions

FAQ / Terms & Conditions

eclipse chile

Frequently Asked Questions / Terms and Conditions

To make the booking effective, the client must pay the 30% of the total quoted value. The remaining 70% must be paid 21 days before the pick-up date. At the time of booking, it is necessary that the client (the responsible of the contract) send us a copy of his driving license and identity card or passport.

All values of our website are in US dollars (USD), taxes are included, and the appropriate exchange rate of each payment shall be found at the Banco Central de Chile.

Booking requests are subject to availability and confirmation of the quotation by the customer. Please note that the values stated on the website are for mere reference, the formal quotation will be confirmed by a sales executive of Chile Motorhomes along with our motorhomes availability. Quotations are valid for 48 hrs.

There are multiple payment methods:

For chilean customers, we accept national checks, electronic transfers, credit cards, etc. On the other hand, for international customers, we accept bank transfers or payments with credit card via PayPal or TransferWise. In the case of international customers, the refundable warranty is only charged via PayPal, because this platform allows us to keep the money safely and make returns once completed the trip.

If you want to ask for another form of payment please do not hesitate to ask us and we will assess the situation.


Chile Motorhomes requests a refundable warranty equal to $2,000 USD to cover any damages caused by the client responsibility. In case there is no damage, the warranty will be fully returned within a maximum period of up to 15 working days from the date of return of the vehicle. If there is any damage, a partial refund or a total retention of the waranty will be analyzed according to the repair costs. For chilean customers, the warranty is paid at the time of receiving the motorhome with a check in chilean pesos. In the case of international customers, warranty is only charged via PayPal, since this platform allows us to keep the money safely and make returns once the trip is completed.

Chile Motorhomes reserves the right to request extraordinary payments to its clients in cases where the damages caused by the customer have higher costs than the total amount of the warranty, but this is ONLY valid when the client is legally liable due to a crime or guilty for breaking the law (driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.).

Each model of Motorhome is different, but broadly speaking all include the basic comforts of a home and a car: bath, hot water, kitchen, beds, music system (some older than others), seat belts, etc.

The motorhomes DO NOT include personal use items such as towels or bed linen. Mattresses are covered and include blankets and some cushions, but without sheets nor pillows. Each client must bring his sleeping bag, or rent them as extra equipment with Chile Motorhomes.

The motorhomes are equipped with all the basic kitchen items such as can openers and bottles openers, dishes, cutlery, glasses, pans and pots, teapot, sources and tables, broom, etc. According to the suggested capacity of each motorhome.

Some models of motorhomes have an electric system of 220 volt, but others have american systems with 110 volt, for which a transformer and adapter will be included.

Finally, note that although the motorhomes have potable water tanks, we recommend that this is not used for drinking or cooking, because Chile Motorhomes can not guarantee the purity of the sources where the client fill the tank during the trip. We recommend bottled water for drinking and tank water only for toilet and bathing.

If you wish to request international permission to cross the border to Argentina you must inform Chile Motorhomes in the quotation explicitly so we can issue the notary permissions and associated international insurances. We only allow the use of properly authorized border crossings. To go to other countries like Peru or Brazil, please contact Chile Motorhomes to analyze the technical feasibility of each case.

We do not provide technical assistance outside Chile, if customers face any problems or damage, Chile Motorhomes will only help by phone to seek local assistance, under the responsibility of the client.

It is not possible to receive or return the Motorhomes outside Chile.

The renter must be at least 23 years old and have a class B drivers license (or international equivalent) existing since at least 2 years (experienced driver). In case you need more than one driver, they should comply with the same rules described above and submit their documents to comply with the lease terms. The Motorhomes will be only given to the person who requested the reservation, who will be responsible for their proper use and driving.

Deliveries and returns (pick-up or drop-off) shall be done at the place, day and time agreed with each client. Deliveries and returns are by default in Chile Motorhomes offices, however, the customer is free to negotiate with the company the delivery (pick-up) and the return (drop-off) of the vehicle in other places of Chile according to prior feasibility analysis. In such cases the customer will be subject to extra charges.

Pick-up and Drop-off must be done between 9:00 and 15:00 hrs.

If the client needs to arrange pick-up or drop-off in a different time, there will be a charge of 30 USD per hour. In case of a delay (not scheduled), there will be a charge of 50 USD per hour.

The Motorhomes will be delivered to clients cleaned and in optimal conditions, and we expect to receive them back in the same conditions.

Clients must check the tires pressure, levels of oil and water from the engine, empty the grey and black water tanks, fill the gas tank, and clean both the outside and the inside of the vehicle. If the Motorhome is returned in a different condition, Chile Motorhomes will charge an extra fee for the services of cleaning, maintenance, and/or missing fuel.

We will check with the client that the vehicles come in optimal conditions and with all their devices and accessories working properly. This will be signed by the client and Chile Motorhomes in the corresponding act (check-list) for both the pick-up and the drop-off.

At the moment we can’t deliver or receive back (pick-up or drop-off) the Motorhomes in Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, or any other country… Only in Chile.

Clients must review every 1500 km the levels of oil and water from the engine. If you need any adjustment and/or repair, it must be notified to Chile Motorhomes.

In case the client suffers any type of burglary, immediate notice to Carabineros de Chile or Policía de Investigaciones (PDI) is needed, and also to Chile Motorhomes. The company is not responsible for any loss or theft belongings.

Clients must keep the documents of the vehicle in a safe place and they should always be available if they are requested by any authority.

It is prohibited to smoke inside the vehicles.

Camping stoves or any other heat generating devices aren’t allowed inside the vehicles, clients must use only the motorhomes devices to cook or heat the enviroment.

Pets are not allowed (except for assistance animals for people with disabilities).

We can not guarantee the correct functioning of the engines over 3500 meters above sea level. Vehicles tend to reduce the power or even stop because of the lack of oxygen on extreme heights, especially the motorhomes because they are very heavy vehicles. To visit places at extreme heights, we reccomend to take local tours.

As a recommendation, Chile Motorhomes suggests to never let the motorhome parked without occupants inside, since they are a frequent target due to the belongings of its occupants. Chile Motorhomes is not liable for the loss or theft of personal items, customers assume absolute responsibility for their belongings.

Each vehicle includes a user manual and customers will receive an induction of approximately 40 minutes at the time of pick-up. It is the responsibility of the client to read the manuals of use of the motorhome or camper, in order to ensure the good use of them.

To receive the Motorhome customer must leave a reimbursable warranty equal to 2000 USD which will be returned entirely within 15 days after the return of the vehicle if there is no damages to the motorhomes. The customers will have a support number that shall be used immediately to warn whenever there is a technical problem, in case of an accident or theft during the trip.

At an event of damage or malfunction, Chile Motorhomes will assist the clients by telephone or on-site depending on both the distance and the seriousness of the case. If any damage is due to improper use by the lessee, the cost of repair will be charged to the client. The client must make good use of the artifacts and vehicles of Chile Motorhomes, for this purpose clients must obey all the instruction of use. The hirer should respect all applicable laws, therefore fines of transit or sanctions that are issued during the contract are clients responsibility, and must answer before the law for their actions or omissions.

The number of people who can travel will depend on the suggested capacity of each model of vehicle and the comfort level that clients want to have. The lessee must communicate in advance the number of passengers. It is forbidden to carry more passengers than what they originally told. It is forbidden to sub–lease the vehicles.

All our motorhomes have an insurance against accidents involving the total loss of the vehicle. In addition, they have the mandatory insurance of civil liability, for damage to third parties that every vehicle must have in Chile and Argentina. Any costs for damages caused to the motorhomes will be deducted from the reimbursable warranty (2000 USD). This acts as the deductible for the client. If costs are higher than the warranty.

Chile Motorhomes reserves the right to request extraordinary payments to its clients in cases where the damages caused by the customer have higher costs than the total amount of the warranty, but this is ONLY valid when the client is legally liable due to a crime or guilty for breaking the law (driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc.).

Our services are with unlimited mileage. Chile Motorhomes does not charge for extra mileage.

We only make total refunds for trips cancelled with more than 3 months in advance, minus the costs associated with the return of the money.

If you cancel your trip with less than 3 months in advance, Chile Motorhomes will retain only the booking fee (30% already paid). Finally, if you cancel the trip less than 20 days prior the trip (after all has been payed), there will be no refunds of money.

Unfortunately, in general the RV camping sites in Chile do not meet the same quality standards found in Europe or the United States, but some of the websites that we recommend to find the best camping sites are:


If you need other items in your trip please do not hesitate to mention them when applying for your quotation. We will help you to have the best travel experience as possible.

Facts and Recommendations

All the prices in ChileMotrohomes.cl have the taxes included.
You won’t find hidden fees or surprises!

Chile is, generally speaking, a safe country compared to the rest of Latin America, but that does not mean there are no burglars. Always keep your belongings in sight and take good care of your luggage. If you park the RV or campervan, try to do it always in places that count with surveillance. Always watch the motorhome in public places. If you need to go to the supermarket or make short stops, try that always at least 1 passenger stays in the vehicle to avoid break-ins. Chile Motorhomes is not liable for the loss or theft of personal items, customers assume absolute responsibility for their belongings.

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