Valparaiso, the most important port of Chile, is a place to experience. There is not an official version of the number of hills that surround the Valparaiso bay; it is said that 42. In each one of them there are hundreds of houses of different colors that make up a giant labyrinth of alleys, long stairways and viewpoints. Hills and sea are the natural limits of Valparaiso, while in its town center you can appreciate beautiful architectonic sets, narrow streets and some trolleybuses. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 2003, its geography has been populated since then of restaurants and bookstores that have renewed the classic and bohemian character of the city. Even so endures culture of the harbor, the main livelihood of this historic city, which is visible especially in the neighborhood of the port.

You can’t leave the city without getting on one of the classical outdoor elevators, or taking a trip to the bay in some of the many tourists boats from the port. If you are hungry, try the “chorrillana”, a wonderfull dish of potatoes, onion, egg and fried meat. There are major events such as the Cultural carnivals, or the New Year in the sea feast of 31 December, which crowns the end of the year with fireworks during 30 glorious minutes.

Viña del Mar, located in the north of Valparaiso, offers a range of possibilities throughout the year: beaches suitable for bathing and water sports, gastronomy based on fruits of the sea, heritage buildings and the largest Hispanic song festival. If you are going for the first time to the “Garden City” you must know the Casino, one of the most traditional gambling places of Chile, located at the start of the Perú Avenue, a pedestrian street surrounded by enormous buildings. If you want good waves and “cool” people, go visit the beach of Reñaca, a few kilometers to the north, with many places to eat and shop. Other notable places of Viña are the Flower Clockin front of Caleta Abarca, and the Quinta Vergara, outdoor stage that houses the classic summer music festival. More? The Fonck museum, the Botanical Garden and the Sporting Club, or just let yourself be seduced by the Pacific Ocean and its surf.

If you are looking for quieter beaches and a good offer of restaurants, you must go with your motorhome some 57 km north of vine of the Sea along the coast until you find the small village of Maitencillo. Zapallar is one of the most aristocratic spas in the region, with a tradition of almost a century. The small bay and the hills that encircle the wind to Zapallar, makes it owner of an extraordinary microclimate and is famous for its large trees, beautiful houses of summering, nice gardens and the church built in stone. Enjoy Zapallar, take a touri through the stone pathway next to the sea, which unites the town with Cachagua and very soon with Maitencillo too.

A little further north you will find beautiful beaches to rest with the family, with specialized campsites for motorhomes. We recommend you to visit:



Valparaíso / Viña del Mar
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