Torres del Paine National Park

The main attraction of this National Park are their famous mountains. Also you will be surprised with its trekking circuits that go through woods and hills, waterfalls and lakes, with privileged views of the white mantle of Southern Ice Field. Enjoy the 17 hours of light accompanying you in the summer and do not miss the dawn, when the horns of the Torres del Paine massif are dyed in purple and red. Surf the Lago Gray until the edge of the glacier of the same name, letting you admire this mass of ice.

Although the best views of the Torres del Paine are those which require the greatest effort to arrive, you can also get to know great part of its major milestones travelling in a RV, since in the park there are 97 km of roads that traverse landscapes ranging from the steppe to the forests. Perfect choice for combine short walks with a good rest thanks to their excellent shelters and very comfortable campsites.

The possibility of taking photographs near animals is one of the great attractions of this park. The animals do not feel threatened by the human being, which will allow you to make shots to scarce meters of distance of guanacos, ñandues, foxes, huemules, and with a lot of luck, pumas.


Torres del Paine
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