Northern Chile

  • san-pedro-atacama San Pedro de Atacama - Between the dirt streets of this ancient village, melts the mysticism of the ancestral cultures with the modern tourism. At 102 km from Calama is San Pedro de Atacama, land mainly of indigenous ethnic groups today devoted to agriculture and tourism. In the old Plaza you will find the church, dating from 1774, which is revealing the customs of its inhabitants: Skeleton of cactus wood, adobe and beams of algarrobo tied with leather. Very near is the Archaeological Museum R. P. Gustavo le Paige, where you will be impressed with the mummies and everyday objects that reveal the richness of the cultures in the area. The village is full of craft stalls, where you can buy fabrics, jewelry or herbs, as coca leaves, whose infusion can save you from the puna (or “evil height”) if you climb to the Tatio Geysers at 4,300 meters above sea level. San Pedro de Atacama
  • 374960valle_del_elqui_chile Valle del Elqui - The journey that makes the Elqui river up to the beaches of La Serena spans some 140 km between hills planted with vineyards and peoples who for years have combined agriculture with tourism. The Elqui Valley is one of the most visited destinations of Chile, which you cannot miss if you are a nature lover and are looking for a relaxing experience and a different way of traveling through marvelous landscapes in a motorhome. Adentrándote 62 km to the east of La Serena by a paved road, you arrive to Vicuña, a quiet city, famous because here was born the poet and Nobel Prize in literature, Gabriela Mistral. From here you can continue on toward the interior of the valley until you reach Monte Grande, the village in which Gabriela Mistral spent his childhood and where it is still her school, home and her grave. Valle del Elqui

Central Chile

  • 13032015.5 Valparaíso / Viña del Mar - Valparaiso, the most important port of Chile, is a place to experience. There is not an official version of the number of hills that surround the Valparaiso bay; it is said that 42. In each one of them there are hundreds of houses of different colors that make up a giant labyrinth of alleys, long stairways and viewpoints. Hills and sea are the natural limits of Valparaiso, while in its town center you can appreciate beautiful architectonic sets, narrow streets and some trolleybuses. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 2003, its geography has been populated since then of restaurants and bookstores that have renewed the classic and bohemian character of the city. Even so endures culture of the harbor, the main livelihood of this historic city, which is visible especially in the neighborhood of the port. Valparaíso / Viña del Mar
  • IMG_2126 Colchagua / Santa Cruz - The area of the Valley of Colchagua, word that means “place of small lagoons”, is rich in traditions and cultures, a very interesting place to visit. Historically it was part of the Inca Empire and later became the place chosen by important families of Chile to build large country houses, some of which are still standing. The Colchagua is another of the transverse valleys of the central zone of Chile, whose lands are bathed by the waters of the Tinguiririca river, and where are located the towns of San Fernando and Santa Cruz, two of the most important cities of the region, and also some localities of great tourist interest, as Chimbarongo, Lolol or Pichilemu. Colchagua / Santa Cruz

Southern Chile

  • Puerto_Varas_Osorno Puerto Varas / Chiloé - Located only 21 kilometers away from Puerto Montt and on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, Puerto Varas is known as the “City of the roses”, by the large amount of this type of flowers that adorn the streets. It is highly recomended to walk, visiting the houses of unmistakable German architecture and the impressive and colorful church, another reason to fall in love with this city, founded in 1853 by Swiss and German settlers who arrived to populate the south of Chile. Go and have fun at the local casino and the wide gastronomic offers that the city provides, in which stands out the artisan beers, meats and the steak sandwiches (typical Chilean). Puerto Varas / Chiloé
  • aysen Coyhaique / Patagonia - The Aysen Patagonia has features that differ from the rest of the Patagonia: impenetrable forests, moss, lichens and abundance of water in all its formats, where lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, fjords and even clouds are essential components of a landscape that immediately will captivate you. Thanks to the large number of rivers and lakes, fly-fishing is one of the main activities of this destination, ideal to go from river to river in a motorhome. You can put to test their patience and skill by the rivers Simpson and Baker, who are among the best rivers for fishing. There also exist many fishing lodges in lakes such as the General Carrera, you can choose according to your taste and budget. Coyhaique / Patagonia
  • 15753367794_587475e1f3_o Torres del Paine - The main attraction of this National Park are their famous mountains. Also you will be surprised with its trekking circuits that go through woods and hills, waterfalls and lakes, with privileged views of the white mantle of Southern Ice Field. Enjoy the 17 hours of light accompanying you in the summer and do not miss the dawn, when the horns of the Torres del Paine massif are dyed in purple and red. Surf the Lago Gray until the edge of the glacier of the same name, letting you admire this mass of ice. Torres del Paine
  • _ARG4808 Tierra del Fuego - Tierra del Fuego, with this particular name Hernando de Magallanes named this earth in honor to the bonfires of the indigenous Selk’nam, island located on the other side of the Strait of Magellan, compared to Punta Arenas. Follow the route with your RV until you find a huge field with guanacos and wild horses. Look to the sky and watch the condors soaring above the Cordillera Darwin. Visit the Museum Fernando Cordero Rusque in order to know more about the history of the ancient inhabitants and the settlers who opted to work on this side of the globe, which contains interesting samples of fauna of Tierra del Fuego, and tales of the history of the exploitation of gold in Chile. Stresses its world-renowned photographic exhibition of the Selk’nam. Tierra del Fuego
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