The area of the Valley of Colchagua, word that means “place of small lagoons”, is rich in traditions and cultures, a very interesting place to visit. Historically it was part of the Inca Empire and later became the place chosen by important families of Chile to build large country houses, some of which are still standing. The Colchagua is another of the transverse valleys of the central zone of Chile, whose lands are bathed by the waters of the Tinguiririca river, and where are located the towns of San Fernando and Santa Cruz, two of the most important cities of the region, and also some localities of great tourist interest, as Chimbarongo, Lolol or Pichilemu.

Visit the Colchagua Wine Route, where you can find more than 10 vineyards and bodegas of red and white wines, internationally recognized for its excellent quality. In addition you will find restaurants and shops of food typical, horseback riding and the Wine Train. Chimbarongo, is a small town that stands out for its crafts in wicker, which you will be able to observe even from the road in small stalls that are located to the side of it. Lolol, for its part, has the title of typical zone or picturesque, one of the categories of the Council of National Monument, thanks to its efforts to maintain the beautiful colonial architecture of past centuries. If you want to get to know one of the best spots for surfing in the world, you can not miss Pichilemu, situated on the coast of this region.

Tradition, wine and culture are three words that defines Santa Cruz, a city located in the Valley of Colchagua, at 191 km from Santiago. Officially founded on 22 December 1891. Their lands are irrigated by the waters of the Tinguiririca River, which crosses the north of the city and finally flows into the Rapel reservoir. It is thanks to this channel that in Santa Cruz there is a large agricultural development, based on the production of fruits, wheat and maize. It is also the place where you can try one of the best Chilean products, the wine, the main reason why this city has become very famous.

Today is a meeting point for all those who want to know the benefits of wine that offers the region, whose vineyards will give you a pleasant experience to the palate. Santa Cruz is the home of the famous Fiesta de la Vendimia, activity that takes place every year during the first days of March, in the middle of the city, and which attracts around one hundred thousand visitors. Ideal scenario to visit in a motorhome. You can also know the Colchagua Museum, which houses some of the most important collections in regard to the national cultural heritage, empapándote of a little more of the history of this attractive area and the country.


Colchagua / Santa Cruz
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